About Me

Hi! My name is Marc Sirkin and I have always loved coaching youth sports. Starting when I was 16 or so, I have been involved in coaching kids in baseball, soccer and most recently basketball. As a player, I was a good performer but never a superstar. I always loved the technical aspects and strategy of different sports and early on identified with guys like Billy Martin and Tony LaRussa.

I really caught the coaching bug when my 2 daughters started playing youth sports about 5 years ago and have ever since been coaching them as much as my schedule will allow. As they have gotten older, I’ve been really trying to polish my coaching skills and have been enjoying myself more and more each season.

While softball is my favorite, I’m becoming a huge fan of basketball and teaching fundamentals and fun are what I tend to focus the girls on season after season.

This blog will not only collect my experiences and thoughts, but I hope to provide all you moms and dads out there with some philosophy on how to be a great coach and tons of links and tools to help you do a better job.

Good luck out there!


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