We had game last night and got absolutely crushed. In addition to missing 2 players we came out totally flat from holiday break. It was like all that practice we had put in was totally gone; the girls were sloppy in their dribbling and pivoting and couldn’t keep up with the other team’s fast breaks.

Interestingly, the other team played a very basic 2-3 zone defense and because we were so flat, we simply weren’t able to get any penetration because of really poor passing. We’ll have to take another look at our basic offensive set up and we’re going to have to be a lot more careful about who is playing guard – we need someone with some level of intensity and ball handling skills. We must have turned the ball over twice as often as we took shots.

We’ve got another game on Thursday, then a key practice on Saturday where we’ll refocus on pivoting and ball handling in particular, along with basic rebounding drills.

I didn’t keep stats, but I’m guessing we got 10% of the rebounds in the game – there were at least 2 times the other team had 5 or 6 shots! I was a bit frustrated!

The most interesting thing however, was that the girls didn’t seem to care that much that we were losing. In fact, I am pretty sure that one of them asked me at the end if we had won or lost… wow, girls sure are different than boys!

Update: I watched some of the video I shot from the game last night and am really embarrassed by how I acted. I posted earlier about coaches yelling and have to say, I need to really focus my attention on NOT yelling. In fact, I think I’m going to be a silent as possible from now on.. it will be tough, but after watching the video, I have no other choice. I wasn’t inappropriate I don’t think, but it was close enough to the line that I need to make some major changes immediately.


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