Video, Video, Video!

I’m addicted to using video with my youth teams, but before you roll your eyes, let me tell you how simple it’s been to set up and use.

I have a tiny Flip video camera (they even have an HD one now!) and a cheap tripod. During practices and games, I just turn it on and point it at one of the hoops and let it run. I’ve been sharing that video with commentary via email with my players and parents and letting them see what they are doing and then using that to help them get better.

I’ve just started using this as a technique, but I’m convinced it is making a difference already. It’s terrific for showing the girls footwork, defensive positioning and showing them where they missed something important (like an open player to pass to!).

Most surprisingly, when I viewed my own daughter taking a jump shot, we noticed that she was using her left hand (she’s a righty!). We were both shocked, and what she took away from seeing that was a need for better practicing, and to try to slow things down a bit and not play so frenetically.

I’ve also become addicted to watching basketball coaching videos on youtube and have embedded one of my favorites here.

Have you used video before with your teams, and if so, how has it worked for you?


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