Interactive Worksheet for Youth Basketball Coaches

I wanted to share this (free) resource I’ve been using for a few weeks with everyone. After reading every web site I could get my hands on and a stack of coaching books, I’ve developed a simple matrix you can use to develop your practice plans. This is designed to be modular and for you to use it to develop a specific set of skills through progressions.

I *THINK* this is best for 4th – about 7th graders, but feel free to adapt it to your own needs.

This spreadsheet is open and editable by everyone and anyone, please do add your own drills (but don’t delete any) by adding them to the list.

Here’s how to use it…

  • The left column shows fundamentals that must be taught. Without getting these right, you will have a rough season
  • Across the top are 3 levels of drills that you can use to interactively pick for either the group or individuals
  • As you develop your practice plans, keep the fundamentals and skill levels in mind!

I’d love any comments you might have as well!


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